What is the Invisalign Teen system?

Behind the Invisalign Teen system is an industry-leading team of renowned scientists and engineers, who are continuously innovating to improve the path to a beautiful, straighter smile. Today, the Invisalign Teen system consists of:

  • Invisalign Teen, the world’s most advanced clear aligner.
  • Digital imaging so you can see your teen’s smile before you begin the treatment.
  • Software, showcasing a digital roadmap of your teen’s new smile.
  • SmartTrack® material, clinically proven to control the teeth movement.
  • Vivera® retainers, to keep the smile of teen for a long time.

The Consultation

Once we have confirmed your child is eligible for treatment, we will take photos, x-rays/digital scans, a dental impression of their teeth. These records will be used to create a treatment plan


The Aligners

After the aligners have been custom-made, they will receive a series of aligners to wear every day and change at home - on average every two weeks.


The Result

You will need to visit us around every 6-8 weeks to monitor the progress and receive new aligners. After finishing the treatment plan, retainers will be required to maintain their new smile.

Terms & Conditions Apply

Invisalign Teen aligners fit into a teenager’s life perfectly

  • Discreet and clear, Invisalign® makes aligners almost impossible to notice

  • Custom designed for each person, creating a more comfortable experience when worn than traditional braces

  • Freedom to play contact sports or play musical instruments, because aligners can be removed during the activity

  • Teens can eat with freedom, as aligners can be easily removed during mealtimes

Invisalign Teen invisible braces: The benefits to parents:

  • Perfect for busy parents: requires 40% less orthodontic appointments, compared to traditional braces
  • Shorter appointments, only 10 min appointment every 6-8 weeks vs 20 min appointment every 4 weeks for traditional brace
  • No emergency appointments needed, compared to traditional braces which can need emergency treatment for breakages and loose wires
  • Digital treatment planning allows for more precise prediction of treatment results
  • Better oral hygiene: clear aligners can be removed for more effective tooth brushing and flossing