We will always encourage and help you to look after your teeth so you don’t develop tooth decay in the first place.

Dental decay happens when the enamel and dentine of a tooth become softened by acid attack, producing a cavity (hole). If you do have decay and need a filling then we recommend white fillings as a good solution that is both aesthetic and functional. With the availability of stronger, more durable white filling materials this is becoming a more viable treatment option for more and more restorations. We can now place white fillings in almost any tooth, the only dictating factor being the size of the filling.

White Fillings

White fillings are created from a plastic and glass resin which is moulded to fit the contours of your tooth.

With white fillings, less drilling is required to remove decay than you would need for a traditional metal filling and gives results that are natural-looking and hardly noticeable in the mouth.

They can also be used as a cosmetic treatment to replace old amalgam fillings and brighten your smile.

If you would like to consider having white fillings, you should discuss this with our dental team as there are different options available.

The advantages to choosing a white filling as opposed to a silver amalgam filling are:

We are able to match your own tooth colour to the colour of the filling so the filling is almost invisible.
Mercury is not present in any white filling materials.
The materials bond to your teeth, which helps restore its original strength. Also, unlike mercury fillings, the material won’t expand and contract because of the fluctuating temperatures inside your mouth. This makes them a bit more durable and cheaper because you won’t have to spend much on future restorations.
White fillings are also less likely to affect your teeth’s sensitivity to hot and cold.