EMS Periodontal Hygiene

Designed with the highest standards of performance, safety and comfort in mind

EMS Periodontal Hygiene

At Malmin we believe in constantly improving our offering which is why last year, we have invested in the newest AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master- periodontal hygiene machine.

It is the latest EMS innovation for the “Guided Biofilm Therapy”: a unique solution for caries, periodontal disease prevention and maintenance. Created for intensive professional use, the device is characterised by unique ergonomics, high precision, easy maintenance and compliance with the highest hygiene standards.

The AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master has been designed with the highest standards of performance, safety and comfort in mind, being specifically built to cater to the 3 core treatments of the guided biofilm therapy.

Why choose Airflow® Prophylaxis Master?


Able to deliver 32,000 linear oscillations per second without any lateral deflection, providing a predictable and high-precision treatment outcome. It also has a built-in dynamic power-response feature that constantly adapts output power to the applied force for maximum patient comfort.

High-Precision Spray

The PERIOFLOW nozzle provides a minimal-invasive access to periodontal pockets, restorations and implants without the need to remove crowns or prosthetic works thanks to its slender design and high-precision spray.

Temperature control

Unique temperature control feature and 5 levels to choose from. Select between unheated, 25°C, 30°C, 35°C and 40°C – ideal for children, sensitive patients and recall appointments.