Malmin Skin Clinic offers the tear trough dermal filler treatment to help improve concerns with eye bags, dark circles, sunken and tired looking eyes.

The revolutionary ‘tear trough treatment’ can completely transform a patients face from tired and sunken to looking bright, refreshed and awake. The treatment works on the depressions that run from the nose and around the under-eye area which becomes more noticeable as the skin sags and becomes thinner with age. As we age, fat can accumulate under the eyes which then creates what is commonly known as “eye bags”.

While the surgical removal of eye bags gets rid of the fatty tissue, it doesn’t conceal the dark circles. The tear trough dermal filler treatment will not only improve the depression, it will also help to thicken the skin resulting in the reduction of the visible dark blood vessel colour. The treatment therefore benefits in the correction of the dark circles or panda eyes as well as the depression (tear trough) and eye bags.

Who is suitable for the tear trough treatment?

Anyone who has:

Tear trough
Sunken eyes
Dark circles around the eye area
Tired looking eyes
Eye bags
During your free skin consultation, the cosmetic doctor will examine and determine that you are a suitable candidate for the treatment.

The doctor will then explain the details of the treatment, complications, after care and answer all questions you may have. At this stage we can then confirm the pricing once we know how much product is required.

What does the procedure involve?

Prior the treatment: Topical anaesthetic will be applied for 20-30 minutes prior the treatment

The procedure: After cleaning the area with antiseptic, the doctor will mark the treated area for a precise treatment. Dermal filler is injected using a blunt needle (cannula) in small amounts and in precise locations into your skin so that there is total control over the procedure. The doctor will then massage the area for a smooth result.

Post treatment: You should avoid touching or applying make up on the treated area for six hours in order to prevent infection. Specific post treatment instructions will be discussed with you.

The results are immediate and last up to 12 months. As the results are relatively temporary, adjustments can be made as your face changes over time to ensure you always retain a natural look.