At Malmin Orthodontics, we know that orthodontic treatment is an investment in your future.

In our eyes every case is different and we believe in offering a fair and competitive price, based on the level of complexity and the length of the treatment. With our Pay-As-You-Go braces plan, you pay for the treatments as they are completed, rather than having to pay a full fixed fee up-front.

Please see the chart below to make an informed decision as to what brace option is best for. You can book a free virtual consultation with our treatment coordinator or should you decide to book a no-obligation consultation at the clinic, we would be happy to explain the differences and advantages / disadvantages of each treatment option. A consultation, which costs £50, will allow us to assess the best option for you.

How visible?The most visible; small metal bracketsTooth coloured ceramic brackets are less visible than metalNot visible at all, placed at the back of the teethRemovable clear aligners
Appropriate for:All casesAll casesNearly all casesNearly all cases (simple, moderate, complex)
Speed of Treatment:The quickestUsually a few months longer than metalGenerally longer than metal or ceramic bracesQuick and easy
AffordabiltyThe most affordable type of orthodontic treatmentSlightly more expensive than metalThe most expensive type of orthodontic treatmentDepending on the complexity of the case
Overall Costsfrom £1550-£2250from £1850-2900from £9500-£12000from £2195-4395
Case Analysis£50£50£50Free
Braces (per arch)£375£450£2500£1300 (for both)
Monthly Check-ups (per arch)£50£75£350£300
Fixed Retainers at the end (per arch)£250£250£250£250
Removable Retainers (per arch)£125£125£125£250 (vivera)
Debond Fee£250£250£250-

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